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Below are the links to the income tax forms by tax year. The eFile deadlines for 2021 and prior tax years have expired. Download, complete, sign, and mail in forms for back tax returns to the addresses listed on the forms. e-File your returns on each year so you do to have to handle all these complicated tax forms. Tax Tip: Even if you owe back taxes, it's better to file than not to file at all and pay as little or as much taxes as you can afford. The not filing penalties are higher than the not paying or late paying tax penalties. Estimate potential late filing or late payment penalty fees for back taxes.

Tax Forms, Schedules, and Tools by Year

The table below is organized by tax year and has links to the forms and calculators to help you prepare back taxes or plan for future years. 

Tax Year
Form Description
Current 2022, Future, 2023, 2024 Tax Years
IRS Forms and Schedules: Starts eFiling in Jan. 2024
Estimate Your 2023 Taxes due on April 15, 2024
IRS Forms and Schedules: eFile starts in Jan. 2025
Estimate Your 2024 Taxes due on April 15, 2025
Previous, Back Taxes 2021-2004

Begin tax planning now for your 2022 Return before you eFileIT. Review tax credits and tax deductions the eFile Tax App will help you claim.