State Income Tax Calculators

Click on your state or use the table below to access the state tax calculator or estimator. Here is a complete overview of all state-related income tax returns. Start your free tax return(s) on for the most accurate federal and state tax calculations.

Use any of these 15 free tax calculators to find details pertaining to your tax situation. Learn if one of your dependents is qualified to be claimed on your tax return or if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, or Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. Search here for any state income tax form - when you use, these state forms are generated for you based on your federal tax return information.


State Tax Calculators

A list of current tax year State Income Tax Calculators is below. Click here for the current IRS Tax Estimator.

Income Tax Calculator
State Income Tax Links
Alaska - no income taxes
Florida - no income taxes
Nevada - no income taxes
New Hampshire - no taxes on earned Income
South Dakota - no income taxes
Tennessee - no income taxes
Texas - no income taxes
Washington - no income taxes
Wyoming - no income taxes