How Much Are Free Tax Returns?

Over 66 million self-prepared returns were e-filed in the during 20221). Find out why has become so popular and why taxpayers are choosing - and trusting - eFile as their personal online tax preparation and e-file service: Taxesfaction guaranteed. Dare to Compare with TurboTax® or H&R Block®.
eFile Is Less Taxing

Got TurboCharged?

Were you ever TurboCharged, TurboTaxed, or TurboUpgraded? Not so on; you can start with any service (Free, Deluxe, or Premium), as you will automatically get the Free Basic Federal Edition if you qualify based on your tax interview questions. For all paid services, is up to 60% less than the Turbos or Blocks out there: Dare to compare now. Plus, on, you will have your own personal Taxpert® support page where you can post specific tax questions and get personalized answers. See an example of your personal support page.

Feedback from an user: "I liked the support I got from you and I have used TurboTax® for years and was having trouble this year getting my state return correct. After several unsuccessful calls they could transfer me to the "experts" for an added charge of $90. That's when I came to eFile where my state return was calculated correctly the first time."

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On some credit card related sites, if you file your taxes there, your tax information will be used to solicit credit cards, loans, and other products or services to you. On, your tax data is only used for your tax return(s). Period! We do not solicit any other products nor do we share your data with anybody but the IRS and the required parties for if you choose to deduct your fee from your refund (MetaBank and EPS). See how eFile practices advanced security and keeps your data safe.

For more complicated returns, the Deluxe or Premium version will be applied based on the answers you provide during the tax interview. However, only on will you be automatically downgraded should your tax data change and you qualify for the Free Basic Federal Edition. Other websites will do the opposite; upgrade yes, downgrade no: at H&R Block® or TurboTax®, you will not be downgraded to a free return if you start with one of their paid services.

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eFile IT and UnMax Your Tax

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Dare to Compare!

Don't Get TurboCharged or Blocked.
When You Can eFilelT!

H&R Block®
Average Federal Fee1)
State(s) Fee
$29.95 One Low Price For
ALL States Not PER Paid State
PER Paid State
PER Paid State

1) The Average Federal Tax Preparation Fee

2) TurboTax® is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc. H&R Block® is a registered trademark of HRB Innovations, Inc.

  • The Federal Basic Edition is free (including free e-filing) on Here's a detailed comparison of the tax services.
  • Auto-Downgrade: The difference between and sites like TurboTax® or H&R Block® is that will also DOWNGRADE you should you start with a paid version (Deluxe or Premium). TurboTax® or H&R Block® will NOT DOWNGRADE you, but only pressure you to upgrade if you started with their free version. Dare to Compare with other services.
  • Reported by a taxpayer: I accidentally selected the upgrade to more expensive version of *****. I did not mean to do this, because based on my return, it could have been free or a cheaper version. I was not able to downgrade once I had selected this more expensive version, so I had to give up over $100 of my return.

On, Your Tax Data Is Only Used for Your Tax Return(s). Period!

On,, you will have your own Personal Taxpert® Support Page where you can discuss important tax questions with a Taxpert® and your entire support history is stored in one central place. Sign up with and let's get started on your next tax return; Do IT yourself, but not alone!

How Does Free Work?

Except for, if you sign up with the free option at H&R Block®, TurboTax®, or credit card based tax preparation sites, you will soon find out that you are bombarded with "suggestions" to upgrade every step of the way. These are often accompanied by promises of better service or a bigger tax refund if only you upgraded to one of the paid service options. Or, in the case of credit card companies who provide tax return services, they might soon flood you with credit card offers based on your tax return information.

You may be asked on other sites, not on

  • "Upgrade now and you will get more help."
  • "Upgrade now and you will get your maximum refund."
  • "There is a better version for your tax return, upgrade now!"
  • "Upgrade now and find out how much your refund really could be!"
  • "Get instant, faster help if you upgrade now."
  • "Buy the Deduction Finder and we will maximize your deductions."

Here is what users of other sites have shared with us over time:

  • I generally like ******, however I accidentally clicked the upgrade version and was unable to revert to the free version no matter what I tried. It was completely useless because I cannot itemize and the use the standard deduction. Now, I have paid over $100 for no reason at all other than the fact that this company make it completely impossible to return to the free version of their software.
  • Keep adding fees, then wouldn't let me take anything off unless I started all over again.
  • The service is convenient, but you really have to read the fine print when selection options. There are so many parts in the process where they try to nickle and dime & trick you into paying more money when you don't need to: "Donate" here, "Upgrade" this or "conveniently" get your money into an account that isn't actually your own bank account. Also, no way to go back and redo payment options. They really want to milk you dry at every point possible.
  • I've been with ***** since 2008, but I'm not sure I'll be using this service in the future, unless these issues are addressed. I ended up needing the Deluxe package, which is $60 (not a big deal). After finishing your Federal Taxes, however it asks if you'd like to transfer the information you've already input in your Federal Taxes over to your State Taxes. This should be included in the Deluxe Package, but it is actually an extra $50, which nearly doubles the cost. If you added this feature and decide you want to remove it, it's too late; you're required to "clear all forms and start over". This is true for any package changes as well. You are allowed to upgrade, but need to start over for a downgrade. TL; DR: I was strong-armed into upgrades without the possibility to downgrades.
  • ***** promotes free file, but once you take the first steps in filing its screen after screen after screen of upgrade by paying $XX, upgrade more by paying $XXX, free file was still an option right up till the end when they said my taxes couldn't be filed for free, no longer free option or any way to back up tot he point "I used a payment upgrade" that I never wanted, capitalism at its worst, a new higher paywall at every step.
  • I accidentally selected the upgrade to more expensive version of *****. I did not mean to do this, because based on my return, it could have been free or a cheaper version. I was not able to downgrade once I had selected this more expensive version, so I had to give up over $100 of my return. will only upgrade you if you are legally required to add certain schedules or forms. At the same time, only will downgrade you to the Free Federal Edition if you don't need the schedules or forms associated with Deluxe or Premium. TurboTax® or H&R Block® will not downgrade you.

Read the feedback other eFilers have provided to us over the years. Then, see how the eFile app works and begin preparing your next tax return due April Tax Day deadline.

1) According to the IRS e-File Tax Report.