Ratings and Feedback

Ratings, Feedback

We do appreciate positive feedback, but we also value constructive negative feedback more since that will help us improve our services to you. Please engage with us first if we have not met your expectations; let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We are here to listen! Share with us any frustrations or suggestions you might have here and now. Facebook or Twitter cannot address or fix any problems you might have encountered on eFile.com, but we can, so share it with us!

At eFile.com, we are happy to go over any concerns with your tax calculations within the eFile app, provide promo codes if pricing was not what you expected, and assist with any questions regarding your tax situation and preparation.

IT = Income Taxes: Let's work together to get IT done!

Feedback from eFilers

The feedback below has been provided by eFile.com users across the United States and even foreign countries, such as the Philippines. Sign up for a free eFile account now and get Taxesfaction when you prepare and e-file your current year taxes!

Kay, India
"I wanted to write you a personal note of thanks for all the advice you have provided me on this matter. It really helped me do the filing electronically for the first time. I truly appreciate your help and expertise. Thank you! Keep up the good work."
Frank, MI
"Thank you very much for your help and your colleagues for helping me to complete my tax return for the 2022 Federal and Michigan. Thank you again and hope to be in touch for the next year."
Judy, WV
"Thanks eFile for everything...especially your patience! All filed and payment mailed to WV.... God bless and thanks again!!! "
Joyce, CT
"Really like filing with eFile, its simple fast and so convenient."
Denise, TX
"Thank you! I used yall last year and very user friendly!"
Angela, CA
"Thank you! I will absolutely use eFile.com for all state and federal returns next year. Your site has been so much easier to use than the competitors, and I wish I'd know about it sooner."
"Thank you for all your time and trouble, you were very professional and courteous through out the whole assistance."
Isaac, TX
"Thank you. I Look forward to many more years on eFile.com. I referred my nephew who needs to file his own taxes so he will using eFile.com this year and moving forward too."
Denise, CA
"THANK YOU for your prompt, thorough, helpful responses!! I appreciate your EXCELLENT Customer Service! Thank you SO MUCH from the tax-dummy!!! God Bless You!!"
John, MD
"Your assistance is extremely appreciated! AAA service to me from you! TRIPLE A!"
Pedro, CA
"Thank you so much. You guys are the best. You always answer quickly and fix my problem. I appreciate you very much."
Iris, CA
"You guys are the best, thank you so much for your help!"
Guy, VA
"Thanks! ... your software is great! Very easy to use!!"
James, MA
"very. helpful... thanks. BTW, I like this system much better than Turbotax which I gave up on."
Karen, MI
"Thanks so much for the support in filing my taxes. The program is very good but your support allowed me to submit it correctly even without being a CPA!!"
Bobby, TX
"Your customer service and help desk are fantastic."
Randi, TX
"Thank you so much! eFile.com has been the best, easiest site that I have ever used! I tried TurboTax and Tax Act before y'all and it was very confusing. That's why I sent in that question before I even gave it a try. However, your program and the way it's set up is amazing. Just answer the questions and it does all the work! Took the hassle out of the process. I almost didn't file because I couldn't figure it out. I am so happy I saw eFile.com! Thanks again!"
Kalli, TX
"I wanted to compliment the company for being professional and upfront with your clients. Also, the fact that you gave helpful advice on what can be done about the situation is commendable. Your email solidified me as a client for the foreseeable future."
Robert, WI
"The IRS accepted my return. I thank you so much for your help. Turbo Tax was not helpful at all. So I switched and you were the difference. Thanks again."
Alfredo, IL
"That's amazing. Thank you for going the extra mile. I'll keep recommending eFile.com to my peers. Is the least I can do. I'll keep returning every year. You guys have a customer for life :) ."
Peggy, WI
"Thank you so much .. 2nd year using eFile after working with both Turbotax and H&R Block. eFile.com is by far my tax preparer of choice. There is always somebody available to answer my questions and you know I have alot of questions !!!"
Mackenzie, FL
"The detail with which you answer questions is really top notch, especially considering the low cost of this service. I appreciate it quite a lot."
Chris, GA
No question, just a hearty thank you for all your help. You run a top rate organization. See you next year."
Albert, CA
"Love the service, 10x better than Turbotax (got supremely frustrated with Turbotax when wouldn't let me solve a problem with itemized deductions)"
Kenneth, CA
"Thanks, it was a breeze. Easiest filing ever!"
Ron, WI
"I have yet to send anything in, or commit myself to Turbotax, so perhaps I'll give you guys a try. I haven't been able to get any help at all from Turbotax. You are the only one that has even bothered replying, and I appreciate that. "
John, VT
"I am thrilled with how well working with efile went; I will be using eFile.com from here on out. I’m so happy to have found your company. Thank you so... much."
Kara, NC
"I love your website it has been extremely easy and obviously affordable! I will definitely be recommending this site to everyone I know! 5-stars from me! "
Maria, CA
"I had started free filing with TurboTax so long ago. I wanted to use them, because my Dad uses TurboTax's software, but their chat won't work, and when I was filling you can't ask them any questions, I determined not to use them so I really enjoy the eFile.com speedy tax support."
Roger, OK
"Thank you a million times for providing such a delightful piece of software with which to work! I loved it. I only wish I had had it when I was teaching tax accounting to university students. They would have learned much faster!"
Natalie, NY
"Thank you SO MUCH for your help. I love how fast and responsive eFile customer support has been. eFile was so easy and affordable to use. I wish I had known about it sooner. I will definitely be using eFile from now on and would highly recommend it."
Ben, TX
"I'm first time user. Used Turbo Tax for a long time. I found eFile.com to be faster to complete forms and am very happy. I have also recommended eFile.com to a number of my friends and associates.
Josephine, OR
"My Return has been completed and e-filed. What could I have done without all of your assistance? You Rock!! :) :). I am one very happy customer. Thanks a lot."
LeRoy, AZ
"Just wanted let e-File know that I am going to have you do my tax returns again this year. Having tried you last year was the best move I've ever done."
Karen, AL
"You guys are amazing thank you so much!!!! This will help me and my family more than you can ever know!!!! We wont be getting kicked out of our home after all!!!!"
Estel, NE
"I just want to thank you for your help in this matter. I have everything taken care of and it was rather easy to do. Thanks. "
John, NV
"Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and you can count on us and our family next year as well at tax time."
Li, Metro Manila, Philippines
"Because of your excellent service in answering my questions, I will go eFile.com now instead of TurboTax."
Charli, SC
"I WILL use YOUR site for 2019, because of your understanding and patience!"
Marvin, CT
"I just wanted to say thank you very much, I made my taxes for this company, and I'm happy with your work. Thank you once again."
Barbara, MA
"Thanks for all your help. I have used this service for several years and so enjoy it!"
Susan, GA
"Y'all are great to work with!"
Cynthia, CA
"Let me tell you, I was so nervous filing this year, it's my first time filing alone after 13 years of marriage. I was so skeptical to do it online thinking that there was no actual human I could speak with in case I had questions. But you and the eFile.com team have surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much for having my back in a stressful time!!!"
Christina, CO
"You guys have always done a great job of assisting and your system is a dream to file with...keep up the good work :)"
"This was my first time doing my own taxes. I went to H&R Block1) to file my taxes, only because it was "FREE" but decided not to file with them once I was informed that my cost totaled to $297 for all their fees. I then posted on Facebook "where is the BEST place to file my taxes", 8 out of 13 responses said "go to eFile.com". So I did! "
Jose, CA
"Always happy with eFile!"
Billy, MO
"Thank you so much!!! I did not expect that at all. I greatly appreciate your help. Just another reason that I continue to use eFile.com. You guys are awesome. Thanks again."
Nyya, GA
"Omg! Thank you so much! You guys are the greatest company ever."
Michael, FL
"I just wanted to tell you that i LOVE this site and the service! For the past few months, i have filled out numerous forms and pieces of information on all of the big names--Turbotax, H and R Block, Taxact, etc--and all of them have attempted to charge super high fees for 'extra services' and still didn't give me near the accuracy as your site did! so thank you! thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much for having such a wonderful site and service! Truly it has been a wonderful blessing, especially during this trying financial time in our family! Thank you!"
Jeffrey, GA
"This is my third year in a row using you guys. You make it easy to do my taxes! Everything is straightforward ... no guesswork. Everything flows. Your website works SO well ... very seamless and smooth. I really appreciate you guys. Thank you!"
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Bonnie, WV
"I just wanted to thank you for making the site so easy to use and walking me through my federal and state returns. I was filing in multiple states with multiple employers and was concerned, but your site made it very easy. When I did have a concern, the customer service response I got was quick and clear. I appreciate your help at the VERY busy time."
David, NY
"Mike I appreciate all your quick responses. I wish you well and blessings. Wish I can tell your boss how great your service is!! "
George, OH
"I really recommend it - the system guides you through all the complicated process according to the current year. It is easy to navigate and to full understand rather than reading and trying to figure out some long form. "
Elizabeth, AZ
"I thought it was every easy to use."
Eamonn, NJ
"Repeat customers 4 years ........excellent service and very professional.....very very user friendly."
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Billy, KY
"This was a wonderful service for us. Many thanks."
Krishna, CA
"I just wanted to complement you guys on this system. I was impressed with the fast and useful replies to my questions.
Social Likes, and Dislikes
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Jessica, KY
"It was simple and easy to use."
Rebecca, WI
"I was surprised at how incredibly easy it was to file my taxes with this website. It was way less complicated than any other source I have used, and has a lot of great ways to help me understand what I am doing and why it is done that way. Totally stress free! Thanks a bunch!"
Kim, CO
"The process was incredibly easy to use."
Siamak, NC 
"Let me just begin this thread by thanking you. I looked at various filing options, and your company was consistently at the top of the list, and so far I can only say that I am blown away by the support you are giving me. I will definitely be using you from now on and telling friends about it as well."
Michele, OR
Just doing my own taxes for the first time makes me jumpy. Thank you all for your amazing help. You all rock!"
Jay, MD
"Amazingly simple and straightforward - thank you for making this as pleasant as possible!"
"I've used this site for a few yrs & I personally wouldn't use another. It's so very easy to navigate & doesn't take much time at all. I always recommend this site to my friends even when they're throwing around the big names like TurboTax. Naw, I"m good. I'm not giving up my efile.com! You guys have never let me down & when I had to use customer support, they were awesome! Thanks for what you do!"
Sharolyn, CA
"My first time doing my own taxes. I was surprised how well it went, and my husband is also self employed. I will use it again next year. Loved the 20% discount and it only cost me like $45 to file for Federal and State taxes. Good job efile.com!!!!!!"
Veronica, NC
"I don’t think there can be an improvement on such wonderful service!"
Joseph, CA
"eFile is so quick in response, professional and helpful. I will do all my future Taxes with eFile and recommend it. Thank you."
Margaret, WI
"I was impressed with the quick and easy to follow feedback from the support help! (this was my first efile)"
Albert, OR
"This is to formally notify each of you that I have successfully filed both my Federal and State income tax forms. I want to thank each of you for your assistance in helping and aged 76 1/2 'old' gentleman wade thru the maze of the forms in order to achieve what I, (no what YOU) have helped me to do. Again, gentlemen, thanks a lot."
"I've used efile.com now for several years and it has made tax preparation a breeze! Help topics are well suited to what I need, and other than the general frustration of paying WAY TOO MUCH in taxes, I think you guys are GREAT!!"
Joseph, MD
"Very easy to use and reasonable."
"I-m very happy with my tax filing through you all. I had filed with you last year and I found it extremely helpful that my information was kept on file. It saved me tons of time! If I needed a question answered, the "Tell me more" options were clear and answered my questions. Thank you so much!"
Tiffany, OH
"I wanted so say this has been such a pleasant experience, I was so scared of doing my taxes myself. I will continue to be a efile.com customer from this point on. Thanks."
Angela, CA
"This year was my first year filing with efile.com. It was easy, fast and best of all simple! I asked a question and received my response the next day with a very clear and helpful response, which also linked me to more informational pages! Overall Super HAPPY! Already recommended it to friends! Thanks efile.com see you next year!"
Amanda, MD
"I absolutely LOVE efile.com! I have used this from the first time I-ve done my taxes on my own, and I have never been disappointed. I used to use H and R Block until I had my taxes done incorrectly. I recommend efile.com to all my friends and coworkers, and they were surprised how easy it was and how much cheaper it was. I like how I can track my own taxes on my time. Thank you for making Tax Time headache-free!"
Danielle, MN
"This is awesome. Thank you for making it so SIMPLE and user-friendly!!"
Lashonda, NC
"Omg. I love this site. So convenient and easy. It is not stressful at all"
Dana, MI
"You guys are awesome and so helpful thank you I will use efile from now on. I used it last year to. Thank you for the quick responses"
Byron, OK
"Outside of timing out, this was generally a good experience. Found it to be pretty easy. Appreciate the explanations. Thank you for the service."
Cathy, AL
""I just wanted to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR APP. Thanks for making my tax season SOOO MUCH BETTER!!""

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